After last year’s rampant craze for the second edition of Kanye West’s signature “Yeezy” model, this year’s edition for the “Red” colorway of the sneaker could be even crazier. According to @jsu_sneaks, the packaging for the sneaker calls for 1,000 pairs to be made and a June 18th release date, which of course coincides with Kanye’s Yeezus album dropping.


Rumors of a potential Yeezy 2 release have been setting the net ablaze all morning, so much so that the crack team of sneakerheads at Nike Talk had to weigh in. According to Nike representative Mark A., the Yeezy 2s “Red/Red” won’t go into production til October with a potential release date in late winter or early spring of next year. Don C further dispells the rumors in an exchange with @stickie213 about the release of the Yeezy 2s coinciding with the Yeezus June 18th release.

Another day, another Kanye gets the people talking moment.


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