Houston fans who attended three separate locations for the Kanye West screening of “New Slaves” were left confused and frustrated on Friday night as one location was completely shut down by the Houston Police Department and two others were delayed by technical difficulties.

The originally scheduled 10 PM showing at the Rothko Chapel in Montrose was greeted by a throng of Yeezy supporters who had wanted to catch a glimpse of “New Slaves” firsthand. Instead they were soon met by police officers who told them they were on private property and would be arrested for trespassing if they did not disperse. One eyewitness said a man was attempting to explain to an officer about Kanye’s projection but was threatened with arrest.

At the Central Library location, onlookers sat on the sidewalk and waited as a white fan dumped out projectors, speakers and more to set up, only for technical difficulties to mar that showing but it’s occurring at 12:15 AM CST according to the crew. There’s still a large crowd gathered at the George Bush Monument for the third showing while as of press time has yet to occur.

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