Boardwalk Empire 2

Boardwalk Empire is easily one of cable TV’s gems. Based upon the rise of organized crime, racketeering, and the life of notorious New Jersey gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, Boardwalk Empire gave viewers entertaining lessons in American history by way of historical figures and events (gangsters Al Capone and “Lucky” Luciano, for example, are recurring characters on the show), but also got many accolades via its memorable characters, as well.

Boardwalk’s third season began unsteadily, as characters on the show and viewers in real life alike adjusted to the absence of Jimmy and to Nucky (played by Steve Buscemi) growing into a “full-on” gangster. Thankfully, the season got better after its slow and sluggish start. It introduced us to the sometimes hilarious short-tempered Gyp Rosetti and also laid groundwork for the emergence of Omar Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams of The Wire fame) and Capone as rising powers in Atlantic City.

With nearly all of the major threats to Nucky’s rise to power dead, gone, or on their way to jail, creator Terrence Winter will have to reinvent things once more, and HBO is whetting faithful Boardwalk followers’ appetites with the first teaser trailer for Season 4. Race relations look to play an even bigger role this season, with Jeffrey Wright joining the ensemble cast on the Boardwalk as the mysterious Dr. Narcisse. Oh, and the ever-bumbling agent Nelson Van Alden somehow is involved in a bar fight.

We’ll all be reunited with Nucky and co. in Atlantic City soon enough this fall on HBO.

[via PorHomme]