Last night the WWE had their annual ECW Nostalgia Night, err, I mean Extreme Rules PPV, which is where the WWE superstars go “extreme” in several different types of matches. As a huge fan of hardcore wrestling I look forward to this night every year, the matches were all good in my estimation, so here’s a match by match breakdown of the entire night.

Chris Jericho versus Fandango

One of the better wrestling matches on the card from ER. The rivalry that included a debut at Wrestlemania by Fandango, and the debacle that was the “Dance-Off” on Monday Night Raw. I predicted Jericho would go over, and lead into Payback PPV for the 3rd match in the series, where Fandango will ultimately beat the veteran. Couple of botched spots, but good way to start off the show for sure.

Dean Ambrose versus Kofi Kingston for the US Championship.

With no real build up to this match, aside from a series of singles matches from Ambrose, including a Smackdown match with The Undertaker. But most of the smarks in the IWC called the winner of this match as soon as it was announced. The now presumed “leader” of The Shield, took the title from the Jamaican transplant and won the hearts of all the Internet.

Sheamus versus Mark Henry (Strap Match)

Formally known as the Texas Bullrope Match, the newly named “Strap” match had The Celtic Warrior pitted against Mark Henry. After a few backstage run-ins and a Tug-O-War on RAW, Sheamus put the feud to rest and defeated the Worlds Strongest Man. After the match it was said that Henry “walked away from the WWE”, presumably to take some time off.

Alberto Del Rio versus Jack Swagger (I Quit Match)

I’m personally sick of seeing these two wrestle, but whatever, Ziggles is out of commission with a concussion and the show must go on, right? After some shenanigans between Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Colter, and some instant replay (yes, instant replay in the WWE), Del Rio won the match and will face Dolph Ziggler at Payback.


The Shield versus Team Hell No (WWE Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match)

Believe in The Shield, nuf said.

Randy Orton versus The Big Show (Extreme Rules Match)

The Viper and Show put on a hell of a match. After kendo sticks, steel chairs, ladders, RKOs and chokeslams; Randy Orton brought back the Punt Kick form obscurity to obtain a great win.

John Cena versus Ryback (Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

Akin to the Attitude Era “Brawl-4-Alls”, John Cena and Ryback put on a super physical match, with a table or two and Ryback physically dominating Cena, the match ended in a no contest after Ryback ran Cena through the Extreme Rules back drop, with sparks flying (literally). Setting up a rematch at Payback in an Ambulance Match.

Triple H versus Brock Lesnar (Steel Cage Match)

The 3rd in the pro-longed, Trips/Lesnar fued culminated in a steel cage last night, and even though most people did not have high expectations for the match, it was actually the best of the three. These two huge names in all of sports, gave the people what they paid to see. Even though we thought Triple H would retire looking at the lights at Wrestlemania 29, he felt he could beat the monster, and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar one more time; and just when you thought it was a wrap and the King of Kings was going to win by pulling out the sledgehammer, the Walrus, Paul Heyman low blows the Game and Lesnar wins with an F5. I wouldn’t expect to see Lesnar anytime soon, if even again.

When push comes to shove, and steel chairs come to skulls, Extreme Rules was a solid PPV, I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Hopefully I can say the same about Payback.