Last night, Kanye debuted new tracks at Adult Swim’s Upfront show and much as you would expect, he debuted new songs for the public including his ode to his baby moms Kim Kardashian. Of course the autotune to share his love would come back for a track presumably called “Awesome”.

Of course there’s a rant involve and Kanye completely went off, declaring himself not a celebrity and all he does is make real music. Well, for making “real music” ‘Ye and saying outlandish things in the public eye you are a “celebrity” but I digress. Also, his SNL appearance on May 18th? Don’t expect him to knock down a few skits here or there because he’s not having it. Period. “I ain’t here to kiss babies! I drop your baby and you muthafuckin’ sue me!” he declared. “I ain’t here to apologize to muthafuckas, man!”

Welp, there goes that idea. See the full transcription over at Miss Info’s spot and let’s continue to suspect that whatever June 18th is, it’s a release date for that album we’ve been promise.