The last time someone questioned Wayne Brady’s blackness, he threatened to choke a bitch in arguably the greatest Chappelle Show skit ever. This time he wants to fight somebody in public.

Appearing on HuffPostLive yesterday with Marc Lamont Hill, the improv king and TV renaissance man spoke on how Maher used his name as a punchline to jokingly say President Barack Obama’s not a “real” black man. Wayne, either being dead serious to channeling that skit stated rather matter-of-factly to Maher, “I will beat your ass in public.”

“I’ve respected him as a comedian, and what he does on HBO is great. But when he starts to drag me in, to use me as the cultural linchpin of his not-black-enough argument, that’s bullsh*t.”

Let’s be real here. We’re talking about Wayne Brady who I no longer put anything past and Bill Maher, who has probably slept with every black woman with a checkered past. If they did fight, I’m going with Wayne, not because he’s sort of buff but he literally might choke Bill out to claim victory.

[via HuffPo]