While some within the Hip Hop community have both silently (and not so silently,) wondered if the man once renowned for lyrically bodying foes had lost his edge; perhaps trading in his once vicious bars for Hollywood scripts; for Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, he has simply been working. Whether you recognize it or not. While relatively silent the last few years, offering only a few gems and features, choosing instead to focus on his expanding acting career; the wait is now over.

Says Luda, “They’ve been asking about me, well I’m back. Back with a whole bunch of new music, and that’s why I’m here today.”

Passing thru the Southern portion of his new “Ludaversal” promo tour, last night he stopped in Houston, TX to offer a few words and debut exclusive new music. Explained Luda, “Houston is like my second home man. I love Houston.”

The ATL to Houston connection became even more apparent after it was revealed that Luda had chosen to use a number of H-Town musical influencers for this project including; OG Ron C, Kiotti and Energizer The DJ. Luda quizzed the influencers as far as who happened to be the hottest emcee in the city and Kiotti prompted him by saying Boston George. While that statement is up for discussion, Luda did decide to play a few cuts from his upcoming LP as well as some tracks he’s released in conjunction with his recent Friday series.

“This is an exclusive. Meaning its not online, it’s here,” explained Luda.