I’m not from Oakland yet I know Oscar Grant. I remember his voice, I remember how he looked on New Years Eve 2008 and how what happened to him on that night really became a piece of viral information that I’m still unable to shake. Three years ago I wrote more on it here, right around the same time the trial had concluded and the jury reached a verdict. I was angered then, hurt and defeated because the outcome hadn’t been to my liking. Or anyone who had deep ties to the case.

Fast forward three years and my eyes stare at the scenes packed inside ‘Fruitvale Station’, the same station in Oakland where Grant’s final moments took place and I’m immediately floored. It’s not just Michael B. Jordan’s award winning turn as Oscar, or that the film won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival but because it feels like an authentic piece of history that will no doubt bring back tons of scars and emotions for those who were around and vocal when not only Grant’s case came to life but the aftermath of the trial and then some.

Directed by Oakland native Ryan Coogler, ‘Fruitvale Station’ hits theaters July 16th. I’ve already pre-ordered my ticket and despite knowing what the outcome is going to be, I still am hooked to watch this from start to finish.