Solange - Looks Good With Trouble_2 (f. Kendrick Lamar)

Solange’s TRUE EP slipped through the cracks for many last year, but if you were lucky enough to grab ahold of it, your ears were treated to a seven track sonically lovely presentation. While “Losing You” and “Locked in Closets” were TRUE’s initial buzzworthy cuts, the EP also had in its arsenal a short track entitled “Looks Good With Trouble,” just shy of two minutes in length and peppered with a pulsating beat that gave Solange’s voice an almost ghostly quality. Now Solange’s track is being repackaged and re-released as its own single, aided by the West Coast feature killer Kendrick Lamar.

Those acquainted with the original will just be thankful enough that “Look Good With Trouble” has been extended to over four minutes, the track sounding more complete now as opposed to the snippet it sounded like on TRUE. Others hearing “Look Good With Trouble” for the first time will come for Solange’s mesmerizing vocals and stay for Kendrick’s haunting bars, as he reflects on vying for the attention of a fellow performer.

Experience Solange’s “Look Good With Trouble,” f. Kendrick Lamar, below and be sure to grab it off iTunes now.

[via XZ]