The Best Man Holiday

As early as 2009, rumors swirled about some of the Black romantic comedy films that were so popular towards the end of the 90s getting sequels. These movies always seemed to contain some combination of the “Black star power nucleus” of Morris Chestnutt, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Terrence Howard, and Omar Epps; and directors and screenwriters seemed anxious to bring the non-Tyler-Perry Black box office back once more. love jones, The Wood, and The Best Man were all mentioned as being considered for the sequel treatment, but now we know for sure that the latter is definitely heading back to the big screen this fall.

Earlier today, Lathan revealed via her facebook page the official “announcement trailer” for the movie’s sequel, slated to be entitled The Best Man Holiday. The trailer only reveals so much – Sanaa Lathan can still get the bus- err, Gatorade, Murch put a ring on the stripper, and Nia Long’s character Jordan is getting her swirl on in an interracial relationship now – but feel free to speculate on what Lance, Harper, Mia, and the gang have been up to over the last ten years. Whether or not Harper has learned to keep his business out of his books, we’ll all find out on November 15th.