Lowkey and quiet, Andrew Wiggins made the decision for his basketball future today. The #1 high school recruit in the country and the crown jewel of arguably the best recruiting class nationwide picked the Kansas Jayhawks to spend his time in college for at least a year or so until he makes it known he’s heading to the NBA following the NCAA tourney in 2014.

The decision? Wiggins choice didn’t come with the fanfare usually made by star recruits. Instead it was a small ceremony in the gym at Huntington Prep (W. Va) surrounded by family, friends and one single reporter from the area.

Wiggins, the son of former Houston Rocket Mitchell Wiggins was almost a shoe-in to sign with Florida State seeing that both his mother & father attended the school but the Jayhawks got the deal done.

The announcement ends a recruiting process which has been the center of attention in the basketball world since Wiggins reclassified to the Class of 2013 in late October.

The 6-8, 215-pound star out of Toronto, Canada, led Huntington Prep to a 30-3 record this season while gaining many accolades along the way.

Those accolades include the 2013 Naismith High School Basketball Player of the Year, the Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year and McDonald’s All-American. Along with the McDonald’s All-American Game, Wiggins was chosen to compete in the Jordan Brand Classic in April.

Our sense of humor believes that Wiggins made his choice after going over all the coeds at his potential choices. He’d have to fight with the other stars coming into Kentucky, Florida State has a premium but not the basketball pedigree and North Carolina has Roy Williams, who limited Harrison Barnes’ potential (well they both had a hand in that but still).

Kansas was the obvious choice after all of that. Plus, you know – the Gonzalez twins are showing up there in the Fall too.