Randolph Childress

In 1995, nobody in the ACC could stop Randolph Childress.

Today he’s sort of forgotten in the annals of ACC basketball history. Probably because his teammate in 1995 was a young Tim Duncan. Also because Wake Forest sadly gets overlooked when it comes to Carolina basketball because of North Carolina, Duke and to a lesser extent NC State. But in 1995, everybody paid attention to Randolph Childress and the ACC Tournament.

Let it be clear, the ACC in the mid-90s should have belonged to North Carolina year in and year out. And Maryland because they had Joe Smith and were clearly one of the more godly squads on Coach K’s College Basketball game for Genesis. I could wax poetic on how that game was NBA Live for college and had 360 dunks and broken backboards but that’s for another trip down memory lane.

Childress and the Demon Deacons strolled into the ACC Tournament Final against loaded North Carolina. I say loaded because this is the same team that held He’s Still In The League All-Stars Jerry Stackhouse & Rasheed Wallace and were two years removed from winning a national championship. Combine that with their Tobacco Road counterparts apt suckitude following Grant Hill’s final season in ’94, the ACC was wide open in ’95.

Unless you ran up on Childress.

The D.C. product was Steph Curry before Steph Curry, leading the Demon Deacons to a run where he averaged 35 and 7, literally stamping his name in the ACC history books and putting himself up for a potential lottery selection. He won Tournament MOP with those gaudy averages, including winning the whole thing with another sick performance in the title game against North Carolina with a 37-7 performance and the game winning jumper with less than four seconds to go. However, it’s the crossover on UNC guard Jeff McInnis that will live in ACC infamy.

It almost looks like the Deron Williams rocker step but Childress added his own bit of flavor to the matter. Not only did he drop McInnis to the ground in comical fashion, he waved at him to get up before drilling a three-pointer that swished. Where is Jeff McInnis now you ask? Nobody truly knows since he turned out to be a second round draft pick and was last waived by the Bobcats in 2008. Childress is back at Wake Forest after getting drafted 19th by the Pistons in ’95 and what would have been a sick all-ACC backcourt with him at point and Grant Hill at the wing in ’96-97 but alas it never was to be.

But we’ll always remember that crossover.