Just when it seemed like Harlem’s boy wonder Dame Dash had finally turned his string of bad luck around, more reports from the New York Daily News suggest otherwise. Dash is reportedly close to being evicted from his “only home” after falling behind $100,000 on rent on his Carmel, NY mansion according to documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday. Dash was attempting to stop a judge from garnishing his earnings to pay back a 2008 loan worth $237,000 and that’s not all.

Documents also show that Dash’s net worth is being eaten away by bad debt and child support payments, not to mention $2 million that Dash owes to the state of New York in back taxes. He pays ex-wife Rachel Roy $24,000 every three months in child support for their two children, still deals with the loss of his Tribeca lofts in 2010 that had mortgages up to an astounding $7.3 million, his SUV being seized in 2008 after failing to keep up with the $715 monthly payment, paid out nearly $20,000 in garnished wages in late 2012 for other debts and pays $4,300 in child support for his other son Christian.

In response to all of his woes, Dash stated in an e-mail from his attorney, “I’m an independent businessman and this is what comes from business I have the guts to fight my battles on my own and it’s entertainment to everybody else because I’m so cool about it.”