The unemployment levels in the country might be wavering all over the place but OG Ron C and the Chopstars are constantly filling their ranks with new DJs and new blood. After Mike G of Odd Future quietly slid his name into the fold (without much fanfare weirdly enough), the OG decided to get younger – way younger.

Enter DJ Baby Chino, who has gained national headlines not just for his astute knowledge of turntables and what gets parties going, but for the fact he’s simply a literal DJ prodigy who feels more like a legitimized act than some fun novelty. Make Way is his initial foray into the land of chopped not slopped cued up with the molasses thick drawl of OG leading things off in his traditional shit talking fashion. From there the tape drops into chopping up some of today’s more noted mixtape and radio cuts from Problem’s “Like Whaaaat” to Young Jeezy’s “RIP” remix and Juicy J’s “Show Out”. We’ve been warned enough already with Slim K’s addition but the Chopstars aren’t playing. They want the top DJ crew crown in music period, and won’t let anything stand between that.