Wonder how Twitter reacted to Birdman & Lil Wayne’s RapFix interview today? In anger. That’s because Baby announced that the Big Tymers would indeed reunite sans Mannie Fresh. In the New Orleans producers stead? Lil Wayne & Drake.

I know what you’re saying – how the hell can they call it the Big Tymers without Fresh? Go back and read Birdman’s interview in RESPECT a few years ago where he said everything short of Mannie wasn’t allowed around Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was direct, to the point and a little sad. But no matter what, Cash Money in 2002 is a hell of a lot different than Cash Money now. If they’re going to resurrect the name, they might as well just call this another Birdman album and leave it at that.

Instead, they irk the nerves of every Southern rap fan who knew the lyrics to “Still Fly” or wanted a Prowler after watching Baby & Fresh stunt so hard in the “Get Your Roll On” video. I’m not going to hold my breathe, seeing that Weezy & Drake have been pretty much batting something near .900 when it comes to collabs together. Just don’t call it the Big Tymers and I’ll be fine.