According to an ad on Craiglist, Lil Boosie might be getting out this month. While there’s no real validity to this, the ad went up last night calling for a party to welcome Lil Boosie home here in Houston on May 29th. The ad reads:

Trill Ent is calling out to all the Beautiful ladies in Houston.On May 29 The Inspiring Artist Torrence Hatch will be released!!!!!!LIL BOOSIE!! We are looking for 17. White females and 17 black females and 10 hispanic females for our VIP settings.This will be the party of a lifetime.Please contact us with your picture and info..must have proper ID.

Now, here’s the fun part – why does Lil Boosie need specifically 44 women at a party? And why would Trill Entertainment, Boosie’s label post such a thing on Craigslist? Last year, the rapper avoided a life sentence by being found not guilty of first degree murder charges in the murder of Terry Boyd. He’s currently serving an undisclosed amount of time for drug charges.