Let’s start putting the dates together, shall we? On May 18th, Kanye West returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ for its season finale, performing who knows what exactly. There are already reports that Yeezy has previewed his sixth solo album for the folks at Def Jam last week and according to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg it’s “dark but pretty good”.

There have been rumors that the album would be titled I Am God & Black American Psycho and now we have a tweet from Yeezy himself, cryptic as hell.

Is that a release date? We’re not attempting to dig into Twitter speculation to create a story here but the date is a Tuesday for those curious and with all this quasi-promotion, maybe it is the day Yeezy comes through with a new LP for us to gawk and fawn over.

Or it could be Kim Kardashian’s due date, so again – let’s try not to read into this but hope for an LP.

UPDATE (10:42 CST): According to Elliott Wilson who spoke to a rep at Def Jam, it’s the album’s release date.

UPDATE #2 (11:05 CST): YN jumped the gun. No release date.