Ah, America has needed more Beltway Bo in their lives. After last year’s socially aggressive Abortion: The Project expanded Rob Gullatte’s range as not only one of Houston’s best angry rappers but somebody who could craft more than a few hits under his belt (see “New Freak” for a clear example), Rob returns with “A Cold Ass Rap Song”, hijacking some Jahlil Beats production for his own joyride that is about as fun and disrespectful as you can think. Think the anti-thesis to Pimp C’s love for 70s style bush and then continue on from there.

Gullatte has a headlining show at the end of the month at Warehouse Live with Doublebe, MUG, ShoStoppa, Express & C7 titled “The Return Of Dabo Swinney”, a play on the namesake of the University of Clemson head football coach. Presented by Solonia Media, you can get your early bird tickets here.

Stream: Rob Gullatte – “A Cold Ass Rap Song”