Most of the times we post alley oops and sick dunks from around the world. Trust us, it’s a science to a great alley and while everybody might be going crazy over the dunk itself (see Brandon Knight getting buried by DeAndre Jordan), the lob is equally important here. Without the lob, you don’t get the dunk. Simple mathematics.

That being said, I doubt there’s a lob that’s going to top Pat The Roc at the CRL Good Life Foundation Celebrity Game. No. There will not be a lob that tops going between the legs twice, off your foot, hitting the backboard and then with the flush. Just stop thinking it’ll happen and just watch Pat do it. I think Steve Nash tried something similar to this when he and Amar’e Stoudemire were in the dunk contest sometime ago but could never do it. Canadians.

[via With Leather]

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