In February, we said Dell’s only boy in the league (Seth’s coming in June) should be an All-Star. In March when he was busy torching the New York Knicks to the tune of 54 in the Garden, we anointed him as the best shooter in the league. Last night proved that Golden State is your guilty pleasure team to watch in these NBA Playoffs and that Stephen Curry is your “must-see” player.

Cue up Jay-Z’s “22 Twos” because Curry essentially was good currency in the third quarter of last night’s 115-101 victory, putting the Denver Nuggets and their 57-win regular season on the brink of elimination with a shooting display that if you even tried to re-do it on NBA 2K, you’d still come up a bit short.

Wardell Stephen Curry is good y’all. Known this since Davidson and don’t be shocked if he leads that Warriors squad with its almost infinite amount of range to the West Finals versus Oklahoma City. Matter of fact, I’m booking it now.

And for good measure, watch Andrew Bogut get his revenge on JaVale McGee from Game 1 with an equally thunderous slam in his grill.