Police in Atlanta have three suspects in custody following last June’s murder of Trill Entertainment rapper Lil Phat according to Atlanta Channel 2 News. One of the accused, Mani Chulpayev is a member of the Russian mob who police say put a hit out on the rapper over fear that the rapper would talk about Chulpayev’s shady car dealings in Atlanta.

Phat was sitting in the parking garage of a North Atlanta hospital awaiting the birth of his child when he was shot multiple times and died. He went to the police two days before the murder telling them that he had purchased vehicles from Chulpayev who was the focus of an investigative piece by WSBTV.

Chulpayev’s attorney claims his clients innocence. “Mani had nothing against this kid and grieved when he found out he was killed,” defense attorney George Plumides said. “They put him out of business, and they got nothing.”