Jack Jet Lounge

With Houston’s Hip Hop underground currently on a loud onward march to kick down mainstream’s door; its R&B counterpart has been relatively quiet, until now. While many embraced the arms of AutoTune, Houston’s own Jack Freeman has steadily swam against the wave; instead solidifying himself as a legitimate crooner whose rich tone instantly bring back traces of a distant Marvin Gaye.

Having already proven himself via a string of successful features alongside a number of prominent rappers throughout Houston, he now embarks on his own tour, officially kicking off “The Jack Freeman Experience” at Jet Lounge on May 22. He will be accompanied by songstress Biana Rodrigue; a Dallas native now firmly planted in Houston who is quickly making her mark following the release of her first project.

R&B has officially been revivied within the city of Houston.

Presented by SoloNiaMedia:
@_JackFreeman & @BeMyFiasco
Jet Lounge
1515 Pease St
Houston, TX
*doors open at 9:00pm

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