Sarah Palin and the Republicans who lack sense of humor and knowledge of tradition weren’t in favor of the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night. The yearly event is the one night out of the other 365 where the President is asked to play Master of Ceremonies and crack jokes on himself and the media all night. Bush 1 did it, Bush 2 did it and now that Barack Obama knows he can literally get away with almost anything, he did it too.

Here’s a cliff notes version of the President’s offering:

– He entered to little DJ Khaled (“All I Do Is Win”) in celebration of his re-election.

– Made certain that Jay-Z got more press over his trip to Cuba (“I got 99 problems and now Jay-Z’s one!”)

– Joked that Daniel Day-Lewis could play him in a movie. Which then led to a skit where he was “played” by Daniel Day-Lewis. That’s right, Daniel Day-Lewis as Barack Obama. Mark it down for an Oscar in 2019.

– Cracked at his terrible day of basketball on Easter Sunday, and making fun of NBC’s terrible track record with shows these days.


– Revealed the image above was what really happened when he went to Camp David to skeet shoot.

– Shots at FOX News, “The History Channel is not here. I guess they were embarrassed about the whole Obama-is-a-devil thing. Of course, that never kept Fox News from showing up. They thought that comparison was not fair (pause) to Satan.”

– Shots at CNN for its “shoddy” coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and speculation following.

Oh and for the sake of being complete, here’s Conan O’Brien’s piece on the #nerdprom which Palin called the dinner. Sadly, she might be upset she didn’t get invited. It afterall, is not right across the street from her like Russia supposedly is.