Great Gatsby Soundtrack_deluxe_cover

When the sampler for the Jay-Z executive-produced The Great Gatsby soundtrack surfaced a week back, many noticed the absence of one track in particular – the Beyoncé and André 3000 remake of the late Amy Winehouse’s song “Back to Black.” On paper Bey and Three Stacks linking up to create more magic a la 2011’s “Party” was exciting, but that excitement got smothered by controversy and complaints over Winehouse being covered (“by Beyoncé, at that?!”) so soon after her untimely death. Now, you can draw your own conclusions about the end product, as the radio rip for “Back to Black” has been leaked to the masses.

Like most of the Gatsby soundtrack, “Back to Black” starts out with a big band sound before the beat drops and changes up into something more hip-hop-ish at the 2-minute mark. Tags aside, 3 Stacks doesn’t rap on this one, instead opting for the singing Dre that reared his head on The Love Below; and Mrs. Carter does her damnedest to belt out the notes with emotion like Winehouse would. Bey isn’t touching Amy and this “Black to Black” isn’t at all the original, but with time – and a set of good visuals – it might well grow on you.

Beyoncé and André 3000’s version of “Back to Black” will appear on the Deluxe Edition of The Great Gatsby Soundtrack, dropping on May 7 and available exclusively at Target.

[via YHTN]