OneHunnidt - Retail Therapy (f. Lana Fame)

OneHunnidt’s road to DWI this summer has been paved with songs of all types. Thus far, the local rapper has released one for the turnt-up moments and one for the riding home from work moments. Now, OneHunnidt is bringing his versatility full circle and channeling the realness that made “Father’s Day” a standout track on his #KeepIt100 project with his newest single, “Retail Therapy” featuring Lana Fame.

“Retail Therapy” is smooth yet haunting thanks to Rodney Purple McKnight’s murky-with-an-island-flavor instrumentation. Women may consider “retail therapy” as a means of buying away their stress, but Hunnidt flips the concept on its head, daring to ask if one’s desire of possessions for relief, makes them possessed by materialism (“seems like every-body loves your body, but you/ You don’t love nobody”). Lana Fame’s voice is damn near ghostly on the hook, her coos soothing but her crooning on the hook “I just wanna live my life and have fun” is almost a little chilling.  Additional vocals on the song come by way of fellow NUMBERS Committee-man Jodii B. Basik, Chelsey Bell, and Pradia.

OneHunnidt’s #DWI album won’t arrive until the summer, but “Retail Therapy” will be available for purchase on iTunes soon. For now, you can stream the track below.

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