Ciara - Body Party GIF1

A number of us are still salivating – or, if your name is Shad Moss, fighting back thug tears – over Ciara’s steamy visuals for her slow jam single “Body Party” that dropped the other day. But for those of who don’t have the time or patience to suffer through Ciara and Future’s small-talk struggle acting, or who would rather not move their mouses to skip ahead on a youtube video, you’re in luck. The good folks at OnSMASH were kind of enough to take the stand-out moments of Director X’s visuals and convert them into .gifs.

Now, I’m sure the first thought that comes to your mind is, “Who actually took time out of their day to screenshot a music video, a Ciara music video, at that?!” Once you move past that and on to your second, more curious thought, feel free to enjoy Ciara’s “Body Party” video, .GIF edition, by way of the gallery below.

[via OnSMASH]