DICE - Illa

DICE dropped off “Underdog,” the title track of his upcoming album, a minute back. But to remind us all of what the Houston emcee has planned for the summer, DICE let loose earlier this week another leak from the project, “ILLA,” featuring John Doe.

What separates DICE from the competition is his rough flow and his means of telling stories from the streets that are intricately woven and far from fabricated. Here, on “ILLA,” DICE’ displays both, presenting himself as the emerging example amidst so many vices. John Doe’s soulful hook is powerful, but it’s hard to tell which of the two stories DICE presents will stay with you longer once the music stops: the preacher who led his congregation astray or the cousin who let gang life steal him away (“I pray that you last, shoulda put your family first/ You let them carry you to that bullsh*t/ For us to carry you to the back of that hearse.”).

Oh, and that familiar sample in the beginning? It’s Vincent Price’s narration from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (or, in this case, ThrILLA).

DICE’s Underdog, Vol. I, on which “ILLA” appears, is on the way.