A brief rundown of Friday night’s smoke-tivites at Warehouse Live.

On the eve of one of the most highly celebrated (pun intended) holidays of 420 the “Jet Life” chief officer Curren$y and friends rolled into town courtesy of grassroots concert promotion company, 365 Live Entertainment.

doughbeezy-warehouse-liveThe sold out venue at Warehouse Live was filled with layers of smoke in no time as vapors from eager concert goers laced the air before take-off. Houston’s own Le$ of Boss Hogg Outlaws and Doughbeezy of the HeadWreckas were on hand to kick off the evening’s festivities. Le$ whose most recent release Exquisite with the help of DJ Mr. Rogers opened the show setting the pace for the rest of the night. The self-proclaimed “Southeast Beast” Doughbeezy ran through a set of his appropriately themed tracks like “Light You Up” and “Roll Up” and even brought out his Watch the Chrome counterpart Killa Kyleon for a performance of their hit single “Fuck You”.

New Orleans newcomer Corner Boy P also hit the stage trying to win over a crowd that had begun restless luckily the veteran rapper Fiend was there to pick the crowds momentum back up as he treated fans to a combination of old and new music from his latest mixtape Lil Ghetto Boy. As the night progressed it was evident to see that Young Roddy is the breakout star of the Jet Life crew as he had fans chanting “Life” in unison at the end of his performance.

As the clock struck midnight it was officially boarding time as lighters throughout the venue began to spark in honor of Curren$y arrival to the stage. Amidst of a sold out show Curren$y still managed to maintain the intimacy as he shared his snacks with the crowd and even thanked a fan on crutches for still coming out despite the fact. The hour long set was stacked with material from Spitta’s previous releases The Stoned Immaculate and the Pilot Talk series he was even able to squeeze in new material from New Jet City in which a performance of the hit single “Bitch Get Up” produced by Houston’s own June the Jenius revved the crowd up once more as an impromptu request from Spitta had everyone reciting Juvenile’s verse while he filmed it all on his personal camera.

Before the night was over Curren$y brought the rest of the Jet Life crew back out for performances of their most popular collaborations. Just when the crowd thought it was over Curren$y geared up for one last song paying homage to the Knight Rider character Michael Knight with his rendition of the single as echoes of “sco do do do do” vibrated off the walls.

If last night was a prelude of what’s to come from 365 Live Entertainment we are going to sit back and J.E.T.S ….Just Enjoy This Shit.