In a VINE video released yesterday, Daft Punk finally decided to let the world in on their Random Access Memories album by revealing its tracklist. So far Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Pharrell Williams, Panda Bear of Animal Collective and more are supposed to be on the album due in May but the tracklist below should give us a better indication of what could possibly wind up being the greatest dance-ery album ever. Yes, that’s hyperbole mixed with Mary J. Blige.

Also, All Access is reporting that the first single from the album “Get Lucky” will land on Friday, so attempts to claim you have a new Daft Punk song via someone’s Tumblr have officially been made null & void.

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Tracklist
01. Give Life Back to Music feat. Nile Rodgers
02. The Game of Love
03. Giorgio by Moroder feat. Giorgio Moroder
04. Within feat. Chilly Gonzales
05. Instant Crush feat. Julian Casablancas
06. Lose Yourself to Dance feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
07. Touch feat. Paul Williams
08. Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
09. Beyond
10. Motherhood
11. Fragments of Time feat. Todd Edwards
12. Doin’ It Right feat. Panda Bear
13. Contact feat. DJ Falcon