In a weird way, playing in China might have revitalized Tracy McGrady. The 33-year old former NBA forward spent the year overseas after no NBA team came calling during the offseason and after putting up 25 points and 7 rebounds for his Chinese league squad, the San Antonio Spurs decided to pick up the former Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic star for the rest of the season.

McGrady, noted for being a Spurs killer (his 13-points in 35 second barrage being one of his many Rockets highlights) may finally be able to solve his own playoff quagmire. Since his days in Orlando in 2000, he has never made it past the first round of the playoffs and his only time in the second round was in 2009, when he was out for the playoffs due to injury.

Considering how things may play out, the Spurs could virtually wind up playing either the Rockets, Warriors or Lakers by the time the playoffs kick off this weekend. It might be poetic if the Rockets/Spurs match up as a 2-7 matchup though.

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