Rhymefest - STFU (Produced by J. Rhodes)

These days, the rapper Rhymefest is more known for his politically-tinged twitter rants – and, in 2011, a brief run at Alderman in Chicago, Illinois – but he hasn’t exactly lost his flair for spitting truth. Indeed, after a near year’s absence in terms of putting out any kinds of rap material whatsover or even live performances, Rhymefest returned to rap today by releasing a brand new track, “STFU.”

Dallas-native producer J. Rhodes adds to his growing list of strong production credits for big names, providing “STFU” with a country-meets-soul infused beat driven forward by a riding guitar. It’s the perfect instrumentation for Rhymefest to make an anthem for the everyday grinder, when so much is going on in your life and so much is coming at you that you just want to tell the people around you to let you breathe. Because let’s be honest – we’ve all had one of those, as Rhymefest so eloquently growls, “I just wanna clock out and go the f*ck home” moments. Especially on Mondays.