Drake - Girls Love Beyonce' (f. James Fauntleroy)

Now that “Started From the Bottom” has gotten all but stuck in our heads – and been given a “remix” of a sort, at that – Drake feels the time is right to let loose another track from his arsenal. Teaming up with Cocaine ’80s affiliate James Fauntleroy, Aubrey liberated his new single “Girls Love Beyoncé” tonight.

Before you BeyHivers get your stingers out just yet, allow me to reassure you that Aubrey is NOT taking aim at Mrs. Carter by any means. Rather, this is more of a tribute track – as if Noah “40” Shebib sampling “Say My Name” on the beat and feature Fauntleroy channeling his inner Destiny’s Child on the hook weren’t indication enough – as much to Bey herself as it is to the girls who, well, are so utterly devoted to her. It’s unlikely that “Girls Love Beyoncé” will find its way onto Drake’s upcoming third album due out this summer, Nothing Was The Same, but you never know. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to get R&B Aubrey back after so much rapping-ass Aubrey thus far in 2013 when the result’s a slow jam as good as this one, right?