Leave it to the Houston Texans to finally bridge my love of wrestling with hot women trying to better themselves via mass entertainment. A quick breakdown – if you so happened to watch RAW on Monday then you know the drunk-smark crowd in New Jersey had virtually leapt from being complete fans of Dolph Ziggler after his title win to Fandango. Fandango in most part shouldn’t necessarily work in modern WWE because he’s a damn ballroom dancer who moonlights as a wrestler and refuses to wrestle unless you get his name right. It’s not Fandango, it’s FAAAAAAHN DAAAAAAAAAHN GOOOOOO. There are a ton of silent H’s in there.

As the story goes, Fandango has some catchy elevator theme music thanks to Jim Johnston called “ChaChaLaLa” and on Monday, it became its own thing thanks to the crowd singing it all night long following Fandango’s appearance and willing to still sell his gimmick after getting his ass kicked by Chris Jericho. Now “ChaChaLaLa” has become the greatest WWE entrance song since Mark Henry’s “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked” and is selling like mad globally. We are now in the era of Fandango – and so are the Houston Texans cheerleaders.

Yes folks, these lovely ladies are Fandangoing. And I as a wrestling fan couldn’t be more proud that a weird thing such as a ballroom dancing wrestler has now become a national thing. Let this be hope that Matt Schaub arm gets 100% healthy and the Texans win a Super Bowl next year. Please. For cool shit sakes.