A few hours after Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” hit the internet, both conservatives and political pundits’ eyebrows were twitching. The news hit so hard that The White House itself had to release a statement regarding the single. Press Secretary Jay Carney addressed the song today and it’s choice lyrics mentioning Hov with a White House clearance, stating that he got permission from the Department Of The Treasury to visit Cuba and not the White House.

The entire kabob of controversy surrounding the issue is quite strange considering that the United States, despite having a trade embargo with Cuba still is the countries number one supplier of food, or that the United States is like a college student to China’s Sallie Mae when it comes to debt relations or that the White House didn’t even know the first couple of hip-hop were going to Cuba in the first place but you know what – I just blog for a living, who cares about facts, right?