december-reviewSean Falyon – December
Self-Released; 2013
Day & A Dream Rating: 4.0 out of 5
BUY: iTunes

As a persona, Sean Falyon takes the idea of being an omnipresent individual rather seriously. His vibrant and charming teddy bear life persona allows him to enjoy the beauty of Atlanta’s constantly evolving musical landscape with reverence. He’s “The Beard”, a solely independent and unique fixture that exists in this new realm of promotion and success as an outlier. No one literally has taken Falyon’s ‘Be Everywhere’ approach for a joke and it permeates through his darkly pieced together December EP.

The humor that ran through SFBE III is still around, only wrapped more-so in the lyrics and delivery. It’s plays like a first hand account of Atlanta, the money grabbers and the hustlers all playing key figures. Falyon’s eyes have seen enough to play multiple roles, cautiously in love on “The Night” where Jack Freeman’s chorus follows through on the difference between making love and and by passing all amounts of passion for carnal victory. For every late night cruise Falyon has made through Atlanta whether it be hosting SPIN Wednesdays or enjoying Sloppy Seconds, those tones make their presence felt heavily over December, maybe no stronger than the Miloh Smith assisted “Makin’ Love”.

Smith’s vocals stretch here in church revival mode, while Falyon underscores everything about Atlanta’s hustle mentality – from strippers to the grinders to everything in between. It somehow becomes not just a record for Falyon but a record strictly about Atlanta – not exactly in the same realm as early works from OutKast and Dungeon Family but running a damn close parallel. “My little homie made a killing, now he’s layin’ in a hole,” he quips on “Work Inn”, a tightly wound synth monster featuring Indiana Rome that pretty much solidifies what December should be taken as – Falyon inside of a new element, a dark twist on what Atlanta can be about at times, struggle and success with every moment of victory and defeat in between.