Sandwiched in between an episode of ‘Scandal’ and some pretty good NBA games on TNT, Doug Anderson completely owned ESPN. Yes, Middle Tennessee State’s Kortni Jones warmed hearts with her hand in the college 3-point contest but Doug Anderson pretty much stole the show, the hotel and the after party with his performance in the College Slam Dunk Contest.

No, you have to say Doug Anderson’s entire name like A Tribe Called Quest. There’s no way around it. To call him Doug, Mr. Anderson or The Guy With The Insane Hops From Detroit would just be cruel. Instead, look at Doug Anderson show America how to win a Slam Dunk Contest of any kind, High School, College Or Pro.

Ed already outlined the rules for winning a contest but the real gem here? Anderson’s acceptance of the belt following his win. “I didn’t even stretch … these were game dunks” he told a female reporter. Let that sink in America. HE. DID. NOT. STRETCH.

No warmups, no thoughts of what I’m going to do, nothing contrived. Just four dunks that blew the roof off of that basketball arena at Georgia Tech and prompted ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt to drop a little Trinidad Jame$ in amazement. Add to the fact he could have done these in game? Lord there’s a fire.

Congrats to you Doug Anderson, you’re official the Baddest Man In America today.