Just when you thought LucasArts was going to have any influence in the possibility of ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ or do anything under the Disney umbrella after The Mouse bought Lucas Films (and everything that went with it) for $4 billion, Disney announces it’s shuttering LucasArts all together, ending one of the more ambitious video game firms in history.

How did I feel when the news dropped? Much like the Empire did when the first Death Star blew up.


Playing ton of Star Wars titles on various platforms over the years, seeing Disney lay off 154 employees and effectively cancel Star Wars: First Assault as well as Star Wars 1313 hurts a bit. Not to mention it makes me be a bit nostalgic over plenty of hours playing Star Wars Episode 1 racer for N64 or trying my damnest to get every gold achievement on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Now? Now I have to hope that Disney does anything with the Star Wars characters video game wise …

Hell, anybody have a copy of Indiana Jones or Monkey Island they want to let a playa borrow?