If most of America got the opportunity to straddle their boss in an attempt to make certain sales for a particular track jumped, then you’d do it, right? That’s what happened with Nicki Minaj’s video for “High School” with Lil Wayne where the now seemingly normal (and hyper sexified) Minaj plays a capo’s gal, only to be stolen by the Martian who delivers arguably his most sober and sensical verse in ages.

By the way as an aside, Nicki’s transformation somewhat back to her early days where her lyricism combined with her looks made for one hell of a talent is a damn good thing to feel. Not only has the American Idol gig surprisingly paid off for her image, some of the material from Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up hasn’t become stagnant. True, most of the original LP made the case for some of the more grating moments in music rap wise in 2012 (the pendulum swings the other way pop wise) but cuts like “Freedom” and this remind me more of the Beam Me Up Scotty Minaj.

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