Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Part of me wanted to witness history. Part of me wants LeBron James & the Heatles just to get their second ring in dominant fashion during the playoffs. Still, there’s some bitter sting from knowing that a slightly depleted Chicago Bulls squad played with more heart than they had in some stretches of the season last night in knocking off the Miami Heat 101-97 and closing the door on the Heat’s chase for immortality, breaking the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers streak of 33-consecutive wins.

Streak’s over, the break’s over. Time to murder the rest of the league and get a ring. That’s your mantra if you’re a Heat fan this morning.

The Heat started slow once again and it finally bit them in the ass. The Bulls stayed hot, hitting key jumpers and showing Miami much like many of their regular season contests that they weren’t punks. When it came to the lane, the Bulls and coach Tom Thibodeau reached right into the late-80s with “The LeBron Rules”, a slight tweak on “The Jordan Rules” the Bad Boy Pistons displayed whenever it came to Michael Jordan in the lane. It worked. Bron might have finished with 32 points & 7 rebounds but he also reacted to a hard foul late, attempting to knock Carlos Boozer off his perch in frustration and drawing a flagrant foul.

Yet the video above and the one below will forever be the reasons why the Miami Heat couldn’t photobomb one more picture inside the United Center. With Bron missing a three late in the fourth, Chris Bosh gathered the rebound after tipping it to himself, only to have Kirk Hinrich outmuscle him for a rebound. Never in life have I ever seen such YMCA tactics used by a guy who earlier proved he was game by letting James truck him despite getting called for a foul.


You ever notice someone get upset at your local gym over a foul, take his ball and go home? That’s essentially what happened here with Hinrich and his Kurt Rambis Goggles snatching even more ounces of manhood from Chris Bosh.

Oh, and this happened too.

It might not have come with the most power of say LeBron’s murder-death-kill dunk over Jason Terry or DeAndre Jordan’s chalk outline dunk of Brandon Knight but still, emphasis was there. Especially for supreme smack talker Nate Robinson who told ESPN Chicago after the game, “I told Jimmy to ask Chris Bosh to sign the poster, but he probably won’t do it.”

Cred: Pro Basketball Talk