After years of giving one another the run around and the off chance they may finally hook up, T-Mobile will finally get the opportunity to stop looking at everyone phone carrier waltz with the iPhone when their turn arrives on April 12th. According to CNET, the wireless carrier will reveal its “Uncarrier” plan which means your iPhone on T-Mobile will come without a contract (unlike that testy marriage you have to deal with if you have AT&T, Verizon or Sprint) as well as a brand new plan that should openly swing a few people back to T-Mobile’s team.

The second news that comes from T-Mobile’s recent uptick in information and ideas regards their dropping of contracts all together and instead opting for plans starting at $50 a month for unlimited phone & text with 500MB of data, 2GB of data for $60, unlimited for phone only at $70 or up to 12GB of hotspot data for $110 a month.

For the full gamut of information regarding T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier Event”, check out the coverage from The Verge.

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