Photo Cred: InDMix

Reebok has been pulling out all the stops to remind the general public of how great a brand they are and the “Classics” got their own spotlight at Bayou Place on Friday night for their White Affair. While many of the denizens inside Bayou were gawking at the drinks, special guest host Joe Budden and his rather plush accommodations (free Ciroc!) the sounds from DJ Mr. Rogers & more, myself & T. Piper paid more attention to the layout Reebok put together including spotlights on the Question Low, Workout Plus, Classic Leather, Workout Mid, Twilight Zone Pump, ExoFit Hit, Phase 1, Freestyle Hi R12, and the DMX Run 10.

The collection which was released on March 22nd is just another win for Reebok Classic as re-branding tactics have continued to push the brand back into the limelight. All white parties have strategically been popping up in other cities leading up to the release of the collection as part of a campaign that boast “Live, White, Hot”.

If you are looking for a icey addition to your spring and summer wardrobe no doubt Reebok Classic has got you covered. The shoes which range from $65-125 can be found at local sneaker boutiques like Active Athlete or on