Need more proof that Southern living may indeed be worth your consideration? In it’s recent “5 Cities Where Salary Is On the Rise” listing, Monster.com has Houston perched at the top of the list. Confirming that a low cost of living and a growing job market seems to be the key behind upward mobility.

Texas’ largest city is big in the energy industry — and not just in the traditional areas of oil and gas. It’s also seeing gains in newer areas, such as wind and solar. Health care and aerospace are other major industries in town. Houston has an interconnected bikeway network over 300 miles long spanning across 500 square miles, so commuters can get past gridlock while getting healthy on their way to work. In their free time, residents can enjoy a rich, multicultural arts community.

The Top 5 according to Monster’s List:

01. Houston
02. Seattle
03. Boston
04. Riverside, Calif
05. Dallas

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