Something tells me Chris Brown is remaking 2Pac records like “How Long Will They Mourn Me” into “How Long Will They Hate Me?” First, Law & Order: SVU dedicated an entire episode to his tumultuous saga with Rihanna, and now “Glee” has hopped aboard the “We Hate Chris Brown” bandwagon with nearly an entire episode dedicated to rehashing his past transgressions and proclaiming their disdain for the fallen singer.

The move is pure irony considering this is the same show that featured Brown’s “No Air” in an episode after the ill-fated incident with current girlfriend Rihanna. The same show that bashed Brown in one breath yet sung a Bobby Brown (who in addition to his well publicized drug issues has also been accused of domestic abuse) song in the next.

4 years later and only now is there such moral outrage? One can’t help but wonder when enough will be enough. Hate the young man all you want, but how long will we be forced to hear about it? Probably never.