SXSW should come with the tagline that anything could happen. For the past three years now, our good friends at The Smoking Section and HardKnockTV have decided to move away from the glitz of throwing parties in Austin for the week and instead have settled on a basketball tournament combining members of the media and the rap class who’ve made their presence felt in ATX during the course of the festival. Thus, HoopXHang was born and it’s been uber-competitive and friendly ever since.

This being our second year actually being on hand for the tourney, we (myself and Monica) made our way into the Pan Am Rec Center and noticed a few cast of characters we normally wouldn’t have expected on a basketball court. There was Duchington, Big K.R.I.T. & DeLorean’s manager, a few other cats I couldn’t necessarily name off the top of my head, Killa Kyleon and Z-Ro to name a few. I never imagined Killa being the type to get on the hardwood and act like Charles Barkley but dammit I was surprised. Ro on the other hand … well Ro looks like the type of guy at the gym who you’d never call a foul on for fear of him dumping your body off in a ditch when the game was over, just saying.


By time we got down to the final matchup it was Trinidad Jame$ “Gold Gang” and Killa Kyleon’s “Team Run It” with Propain & Jacque. Mind you, Killa already bleeds menace on records and in person with almost every play counting for something, the Houston emcee damn near wanted to choke out a referee. In a game to 15 being scored on 2s and 3s, Team Run It had the lead until T. Jame$ decided to use his BMH Kobe System 8s and become the Gold Mamba, swishing the game winner from straight away center and then walking off in a proud moment.

Team Run It and the rest of the Houston crowd that came down to watch a heartbreaking loss? Absolutely crushed. Even Doughbeezy, who along with one of DeLorean’s good friends had turned into on-site coach for Team Run It, looking more like Birdie from “Above The Rim” than The South East Beast. He put up $100 of his own loot on Team Run It yet nobody matched him. Maybe he’ll put it up again if there’s an event like this in Houston pretty soon.

Of course the great event had a few guest luminaries including Devi Dev, Houston Texans OT Duane Brown, Warren G, Bootleg Kev and more and out good friend Chan-Lo, who was passing out stickers and showing off her own kick game in the process. In another note – whatever Dragon Berry flavor Monster Energy drink was on hand, I may need a case of it at the house. Just a suggestion.

The Players: Tryna Function (Bamani, Da Man, Clyde Carson, Problem, Drumma Boy), Team Vada (YO, Devin, King Vada), Funk Volume (Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, Dame), SoSouth (B-Ham, Dawid, Z-Ro), Chi-troit (YP, Ro Spit, Vic Lloyd), AL-2 (Dutchington, Vince, AL-2), The Force (RT-FaQ, DJ Trackstar, Tech Supreme), Team LEP (Dash, Count, Moonie, Crook, STL, JeVon), Team RA (Dutch, Ryan Hobbs, Adam Fleischer), Gold Gang (Trinidad Jame$, Genesis, Mr. Ross, B.A.), #RunIt (Killa Kyleon, Jacque, Propain), Team Dimplez/TSS (DJ Spintelect, Dee-1, Beware), Team Monster (Richie A., Martin G., Dustin R.), Team Hustle (A Kid Named Breezy, PUSH!, Hustle Simmons)

[via TSS]