By now, we’ve all become enamored with Justin Timberlake’s third solo effort The 20/20 Experience and by and large, most of us have absolutely swooned at the various beat flips layered throughout the disc. Leave it to LowKey of You Heard That New and various turn up hosting duties across the country to cut through JT’s work and find the various beat flips that embed themselves within six of the album’s ten tracks. Wexx from ThisIsRnB handled the chopping duties and made certain each track got its just due.

To let Low explain it:

“I can assume you’re not living under a rock and have drowned yourself in the greatness of Justin Timberlake’s third solo effort, The 20/20 Experience. While JT’s main courses on the project serve as “breaths of fresh air” to our ipods and stereo systems, it’s the hidden gems on The 20/20 Experience that allow us to groove even further into the musical stratosphere. JT and Timbo tampered with this on Futuresex/Lovesound but took it to the next level this time around. I remember always saying that I wished “Comes Around” and “Set The Mood” were actual singles.

Anyway, enough chatter. I decided to take matters into my own hands this time around and make a EP of The Back Ends on The 20/20 Experience. It started with my infatuation for the back end of “Pusher Love Girl” since at times I would fast forward to that portion of the song, especially when I’ve been drinking lol (don’t ask me why). Again, enough chatter. Here’s The 20/20 Experience: The Back Ends. Tracklisting and download link, below! Big shouts to the homie Wexx for chopping these bad boys down for me! Check him out over at! And remember, The 20/20 Experience is in stores now!”