With The 20/20 Experience having officially been released to begin Justin Timberlake’s journey back towards the top of the charts, JT opted to let loose the music video for the album’s second single, “Mirrors”.

Sentimental and slightly haunting, the visuals for the Floria Sigismondi directed “Mirrors” initially center around an old woman recalling the memories she shared with her deceased husband, including a touching scene where the elderly couple are shown waltzing together. It’s a send off to Timberlake’s own grandparents William & Sadie Bomar who had been married for 63 years until William’s untimely death last year following bouts with heart issues and dementia. Timberlake himself enters the mix, surrounded by funhouse mirrors and skinny ballerinas adorned in blue and gold, all of which seem to drive the point home that once you find that special someone, you can’t get away from them… nor would you ever want to for very long.

Even more fitting? Watching the ring slip from his grandmother’s fingers into his palm, hoping to carry on the legacy they set before him. The 20/20 Experience is available now.