Late Monday night, Brandon Knight picked up his phone and attempted to dial Jason Terry’s number. When Terry answered, all Knight could do was run to his laptop, cut on D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” and held the phone to the speaker. The Jet wept in pain – because he indeed knew the pain.

In what’s probably going to be the top highlight you see all week, the Miami Heat ran their winning streak to 23 games by defeating the Boston Celtics and this made it special. After a tremendous Dwyane Wade steal, he flips the ball to Mario Chalmers who then passed it to flat-top king Norris Cole who then proceeded to lob it up to LeBron. Jason Terry might have made the right play defensively but it was the wrong spot to be in.


As the Iron Sheik would say, he humbled him. He broke him good. Watch the full video below.