To celebrate the re-launch of Mass Appeal’s print edition (Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt & ‘Workaholics’ star Blake Anderson cover), they did what you normally do to stunt on people – have a showcase on a Friday night that tackles both hip-hop’s indie class as well as its heavyweights.

Kendrick Lamar, probably one of the busier artists throughout this week in Austin was one of the major headliners with Raekwon the Chef being the other. He and T.I. had been trading with one another throughout the week at different showcases as one another’s special guests just for “Memories Back Then” and this time it was Tip’s turn to return the favor from his Yahoo! Showcase a day earlier. The top floor of the AMH nearly fell from the force of Hurricane Kendrick as rap’s “hottest” MC continue to display why his ascension to the top isn’t at all shocking.

But for the most part, the showcase was open and stolen by one Bun B, whose mere appearance on stage made for deafening ears. Sway Calloway made it known better than anyone by calling Bun a “national treasure” and fans should pay more homage to the OG and all he’s done. In a bit of irony, he & Shea Serrano’s rap coloring book is featured in the latest issue of Mass Appeal. Cutting through his collection of Texas rap classics that belong in the Smithsonian, Bun ran through twerk anthem “Let Me See It”, “Draped Up” and made certain the world was screaming Pimp C’s verse word for word when he dropped “Big Pimpin”.


Pusha T welcomed the moment and ran through his dope boy heavy set, damn near making the crowd lose it when the beat to “Grindin” dropped knowing full well Pharrell was on stage in the back, bucket hat just enjoying the scene. Dropping “Exodus 23:1” on the same day as Weezy Seizure-gate might have been a bit morose but things don’t change. And neither does Mass Appeal, who with a great DJ in Jasmine Solano mixing in club tracks and hip-hop staples also made sure fans were entertained as well.

By passing out condoms like every SXSW attendee was in the music version of the Olympic Village.