In its low-fi glory, Jay-Z’s addition to Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” is more of a statement of him once more reaching out to the younger cats sticking around for relevancy as opposed to just another sixteen bar verse. The flow is choppy, the shots at the MTV Hottest MC’s list possibly warranted even when he already has everything imaginable. Relevancy to Jay might mean more than anything else, more than having the hottest chick in the game, more than being worth more than a few small countries. Drake wants the Forbes list, Hov still wants you to remember who owns the #1 spot in the game.

Young Guru debuted the track at SXSW yesterday afternoon as his secret weapon in a battle with Just Blaze at Empire Auto. Watch the clip below and don’t worry, this bad boy will be updated when the MP3 officially drops.

UPDATE: Here’s the MP3 of the remix we told you was coming. The clean version dropped earlier with Splash because it makes absolutely perfect sense to send this up to radio but with Hov spitting bars about being high at the Inauguration, you might have to re-think who got who on this.