Yesterday while half the world was trapped in Austin, the internet almost cannibalized itself with rumors of Lil Wayne being damn near on his death bed according to TMZ, the latest round of seizures following two previous ones earlier in the week. From one tweet, the world was then set ablaze with prayers, jokes and then some.

Then TMZ posted that Lil Wayne was being read his last rites but later retracted (read: deleted) the tweet, prompting swift response from T.I., Mack Maine & more. Tip’s response might be the highlight of them all considering that a T.I. response has to be as animated and almost sound like a southern gentleman in the 1800s era of the trap on the verge of challenging people to duels at any given notice.

Then Tunechi “miraculously” tweeted about his health, which then prompted people to literally trace longitude & latitude for confirmation or whether or not the YMCMB leader was indeed behind the tweet. The news was then followed by numerous celebrities including Drake & Chris Paul visiting Tunechi while he was in the hospital. The news was so profound that it even made Cash Money’s nearly silent right hand man Ronald “Slim” Williams to speak on the issue as well.

Here’s what we do know, Tune is alive and well. And every rapper in America can save their RIP Lil Wayne dedication tracks for now.